Can specific State and Territory changes be made to the Australian AAS?

If there is a compelling reasons for jurisdictional amendments or additions then there will be an opportunity for them to be included. However, it would be expected these are minimal. In the first instance attempts would be made to resolve the issue to avoid the need for a separate amendment.

It is envisaged that a separate appendix for each jurisdiction would add in which any specific changes would be recorded. This is likely to be only a very small number of significant issues, otherwise it would undermine the benefits of moving to a national standard.

Another method would be ensuring the provisions are generic and not relate to say a specific jurisdictions legislation. For example child safety laws would be referred to as needing to be addressed, without specifying the exact law for each jurisdiction. This law might be referenced in the appendix for particular jurisdictions or it could be left to providers to determine what the specific requirements are in their jurisdiction.


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