• Bushwalking & camping TWG confirmed

    Some time ago nominations for members for the Bushwalking & Camping technical working group (TWG) where sought. A theme is emerging with the Steering Committee having the task of selecting members from a large field of 26 very experience and more than suitable nominees. The Bushwalking and Camping TWG will be consist of: Frank Barr, […]

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  • Maritime safety report issued for Anglesea Victoria Sea Kayaking incident

    On the 3 May 2016 a group of student’s sea kayaking capsized and were rescued. Luckily local Surf Life-Saving members happen to see the incident and where able to affect a rescue of all participants. Maritime Safety Victoria recently released their report into the incident. It can be downloaded from their website at transportsafety.vic.gov.au/maritime-safety/newsroom/safety-regulator-releases-report-on-anglesea-kayak-incident It […]

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  • Bushwalking nominations closing date extended

    In recent conversations with some stakeholders, the feedback has been that they would appreciate more time to consider and/or arrange putting forward a nomination for the bushwalking technical working group. In light of this feedback the nomination closing date has been extended to 14 April 2016 at 9.00am (AEST).

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  • Call for nominations to become Bushwalking TWG members

    The Australian Adventure Activity Standards (Australian AAS) Steering Committee is now seeking to form a Technical Working Group (TWG) to draft the activity specific standard for Bushwalking with dependent participants.

    The Bushwalking standard will hold all the provisions that are applicable to bushwalking and will utilise the ‘common content’ as its base. The ‘common content’ will cover common topics such as risk management frameworks, emergency management plans, child safety and environmental sustainability principles.

    The Bushwalking AAS will cover any specific bushwalking planning, participant, environment, leadership and equipment provisions.

    Interested? Please read on.

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  • Work begins on drafting the Australian AAS

    The first working group has been recently established to work on drafting the Australian Adventure Activity Standards (AAS). Adventure activity ‘experts’ from around Australia were invited to join the working group to develop the ‘common content’ that can be applied to all adventure activities. Members include: Margot Hurrell (Chair), Clare Dallat, David Chitty, David Clarke, […]

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  • Steering Committee plans the Australian AAS development

    Two days of meetings to plan and discuss the development of the Australian Adventure Activity Standards (AAS) was held in Melbourne, with members of the project Steering Committee coming together from around Australian. Key agenda items included identifying trends in outdoor adventure activity participation along with project planning. It also worked on plans for recruiting […]

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