Q&A webinars – videos available

Two information webinars where recently conducted. Video of the webinars is now available for those that were unable to attend or wish to review them again.

The Q&A sessions had different question’s so it may be worth reviewing both.

Feel free to let others know that these are available.

Tuesday webinar

Link to zoom video for Tue webinar: https://us04web.zoom.us/recording/share/DMXJyIgmCRpJseQ9XGm3PaPHOR-CoW2KDHDs770pNeWwIumekTziMw?startTime=1549934907000

Questions covered among other things include:

  • How do Education Dept requirements and the AAAS fit together?
  • Is there a system for reporting of providers not doing the right thing?
  • Will there be a snowsports GPG?
  • Will giant swings & flying foxes be included in Challenge courses GPG?
  • Query on supervision ratios in specific situations for climbing?
  • What about raft building activities in inland water paddlecraft GPG?
  • Hypothetical question – can the AAAS & GPG’s be used against recreational groups in legal situations?
  • Will there be surfing & swimming GPG’s?
  • If its a voluntary framework how can it there be must requirements in the documents?
  • Requirements relating to for use of technology e.g. communications?
  • Is it better to have a process for determining ratios rather than including example ratios in the GPG’s?


Wednesday night webinar

Link to zoom video for Wed webinar: https://us04web.zoom.us/recording/share/_4aBhl4T3ULeHIROeK7FRhsMfxL6CmiaC-hnjzJAaNOwIumekTziMw

Questions covered among other things include:

  • Thought on registration of activity leaders?
  • How can organisations use the good practice guides to review practices?
    • (Full example provided of Leadership in the AAAS, the Core GPG and then an activity GPG.)
  • When, where and how will implementation workshops be run?
  • Are they recommendations rather than mandatory?
  • Is the Standard more important verses the GPG’s?
  • How will we have input into this?
  • Will there be development of logbooks to help demonstrate leader competencies?
  • Land manager requirements relating to leader competence when they do not check provider competencies?
  • Will they be reviewed?
  • What happened if there is an incidental activities and emerging activities?
  • Who do you address follow up questions to after the webinar?
  • Finding the draft version & involving public consultation of those still under development?
  • What about the existing state AAS or Education Dept guidelines the AAAS & GPG’s are based on?



The Australian AAS Team


Page updated 14 Feb 2019 11:37am with a more comprehensive list of questions for Wed webinar. Also see the FAQ page for additional information.


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