Invitations for membership to Technical Working Groups

This page lists the links to the current Technical Working Groups (TWG) that are currently open for membership nomination.

Those open for nomination are listed with the invitation information and the closing date.

The nomination forms can be accessed via the specific invitation or the nominations page.

Where a TWG nomination has closed that is listed below the current open invitation listings.

If a TWG is not listed in either section then it has yet to be formed. To be alerted to when a TWG is being formed please sign up to the newsletter here.

Open invitations

Please read the invitation information prior to completing a nomination form.

There are currently no invitations open.

Closed invitations

Climbing & Abseiling

Nominations close at 9.00am (AEDT) 23 Jan 2017.

Mountain Biking & Bicycle Touring

Nominations close at 9.00am (AEDT) 23 Jan 2017.

Horse Trail Riding

Nominations close at 9.00am (AEDT) 23 Jan 2017.

Bushwalking TWG

The Bushwalking TWG closed on the 14 April 2016 at 9.00am (AEST).

Common Content TWG

Common Content TWG nominations closed on the 25 November 2015 at 9.00am (AEST).

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