Latest news: The Australian Adventure Activity Standard (AAAS) and a number of the related Good Practice Guide’s (GPG’s) have been pre-released and are now available. To download the pre-release documents, scroll down the page.


Safety requirements shouldn’t change just because you cross a state border. That is why state outdoors bodies have come together to develop the Australian Adventure Activity Standard (AAAS) and related Good Practice Guide’s (GPG’s). The AAAS and GPG’s provide a voluntary good-practice framework for safe and responsible planning and delivery of outdoor adventure activities with dependent participants.

The good practice framework is provided in:

  • The AAAS – this addresses the common ‘requirements’ for all types of adventure activities
  • The Core GPG – this provides additional information to help support implementing the AAAS
  • The various activity GPG’s – these provide guidance specific to the various activities.



Adventure is beneficial

“Adventure is worthwhile” – Aristotle

The Australian Adventure Activity Standard and Good Practice Guides are designed to ensure effective, responsible, sustainable and safe delivery of adventure activities to dependant participants. They can help people across the outdoor sector to develop appropriately managed adventure activities which enhance individuals and our communities, while protecting the environment and culturally significant places. In doing this, these documents can help ensure that people will continue to enjoy the benefits of adventure activities well into the future.

Best wishes for all your adventures.

The Australian Adventure Activity Standard Steering Committee.


Very common questions

There are a number of very common questions which are summarised below with links to more information:

Refer to the FAQ page for more background information.


AAAS and GPG’s pre-release

The official launch of the AAAS and all the GPG documents will occur in September 2019.

The Steering Committee is pleased to be able to provide pre-release access to AAAS and the 8 completed GPG which covers 13 adventure activities. This will provide time for providers to get a head start on reviewing their systems in readiness for the official launch.

Completed documents that are available for the pre-release can be downloaded below:


Australian Adventure Activity Standard (AAAS)


Core GPG


Abseiling/abseiling on artificial surfaces

See abseil and climbing GPG.

Abseil & Climbing GPG


Bushwalking GPG


Camping GPG



See inland water paddle-craft GPG.

Canyoning GPG


Challenge courses GPG (ropes courses, low ropes & adventure games)

(Available February 2019)

Climbing/Climbing on artificial surfaces

See abseil and climbing GPG.

Cycling, Cycle Touring and Mt Biking GPG


Horse Trail Riding GPG


Inland water paddle-craft GPG (canoeing, kayaking, rafting & associated activities)



See inland water paddle-craft GPG.

Mt Biking

See cycling, cycle touring and mt biking GPG.


See inland water paddle-craft GPG.

River sledding

See inland water paddle-craft GPG.

Ropes courses (high and low ropes)

See challenge courses GPG.

Standard (Australian Adventure Activity Standard)

See Australian Adventure Activity Standard (AAAS).


GPG’s not yet available

The Challenge courses GPG is in the final stages of development and will be available in February 2019.

The following activity GPG’s are still in development and will be available at the official launch in September 2019:

  • Angling GPG
  • Caving GPG
  • Sea kayaking GPG
  • Snorkelling GPG.


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